Responsible for the project

Dieter Vieweger is director of the German Protestant Institute of Archaeology in Jerusalem and Amman (GPIA) as well as Professor for Old Testament Studies and Biblical Archaeology in Wuppertal. He works on archaeological projects in Near East since 1993.

Responsible for carrying out the project

Michael Würz, PhD
Assistant Director of the GPIA

Employed at the GPIA in Jerusalem and responsible for excavations on Mt. Zion GPIA. He worked on various archaeological projects throughout the Middle East since 1999. His PhD titled "Organizing an Urban Life in the Steppe - Water, Agriculture, Townscape and Economy in the Early Islamic Town of Kharab Sayyar" is due for publication in 2018.

Friederike Schöpf, M.A.
Assistant Director of the GPIA

Friederike Schöpf has been involved in the excavation on Mt. Zion since the first season. She has already been working in excavations in Israel while studying Western-Asian archaeology and Judaic studies at Goethe University in Frankfurt a. Main. After graduating with an M.A., she took the position of a research assistant at the GPIA in 2017. Besides being a trench supervisor she is in charge of the pottery finds.

Jennifer Zimni, M.A.
In 2017 she finished university with a degree in prehistoric archaeology and economic and raw-material archaeology. In Jerusalem, she is in charge of the pottery found in the Mt. Zion excavations and preparing a PhD thesis based on the Mt. Zion project.

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